Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies


We only collect personal information about you when it is necessary or you have consented and we ensure we only collect information that we need.


  • We do not send out unsolicited marketing information

  • We do not sell your information to others

  • We use personal information given to us by you for contact purposes

  • We  protect your information with an appropriate combination of technical and organisational measures

  • We retain your data only as long as we need to


What personal information do we collect from you?

We collect the following information

  • Name of the person making the booking

  • Email address of the person making a booking

  • Contact telephone number of those making a booking

  • Signatures of those taking part in activities on the day (For insurance purposes)


How do we collect personal information?

  • You send us information via email

  • You give us information over the telephone


Information that we share

  • In the event of an insurance claim we would have to share the evidence signature

    which you made on the ‘Suitability to Participate’ form, with our insurers


Information security

We endeavour to keep your information safe. We use an appropriate combination of technical and organisational measures to ensure, as far as reasonably possible, your data is secure.


Information we collect through your use of our website

          We collect information through the use of cookies and similar technologies to enable

you to access information on the website and to remember you when you visit our website.


The website is hosted on the platform. Your data may be stored through’s data storage, databases and the general applications. They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall.




Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a sites visitor’s browser, usually to keep track of their movements and actions on a site.


We are informed by that our site uses the following cookies:


Cookie name                                                      Life span                                                                 Purpose

svSesseion                                                                Permanent                                                            Creates activities and BI

hs                                                                               Session                                                                    Security

Incap_ses_${Proxy-ID)_${Site-ID}                Session                                                                    Security

Incap_visid_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}            Session                                                                    Security

nlbi_{ID}                                                                Persistent cookie                                                   Security

XSRF-TOKEN                                                       Persistent cookie                                                   Security

smSession                                                              Two weeks                                                              Identify logged in site members


Session cookies will be deleted from your computer when you close your browser. Persistent cookies will remain stored on your computer until deleted or reach a specified expiry date.


Most browsers allow you to reject all cookies and clear those picked up when visiting a web site.

However blocking all cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of most websites.

We review our privacy policy regularly and will place any changes here on our website. If you wish to discuss anything in relation to this policy please contact us by using the contact information given below.